IB Math SL Intensive Revision May 2018

IB Math SL Intensive Revision May 2018

We have designed a comprehensive Math SL revision program to prepare the students sitting for May 2018 exam. This program is fast-paced and consists of 12 sessions that address key topics of the syllabus. Students who are determined to get an above average result or an outstanding grade are encouraged to attend. All students are welcome. Join our program today and see the difference it can make!

Conducted by: Mr. Dileep Wijewardena (BEng.) of Learn Tuition Centre

Dates: 3rd Feb 2018 to 28th April 2018 (Every Sat 1pm-3pm)

Location: TMC Academy – 250 Middle Road, 188983

Download flyer: Math SL Revision M2018 G1_H

Learn How to:

  • Quickly revise the syllabus and complete problems for all of the topics.
  • Practice past year papers, get them marked by a teacher.
  • Solve problems that are non-familiar and exam focused.
  • Work faster and smarter in the exam to achieve a top grade.


How it Works:

  • You can attend any of the sessions of your choosing, email us learn@learntuition.sg or call/text us @9856 5036 or register online using the Registration Form below to reserve your seat.
  • 2 hours per session, maximum 10 students per session.
  • Fees – $60/hour per student ($120 per session), to be settled on or before the date.
  • Printed questions and worksheets will be provided during the session, the teacher will guide you through the material.
  • Students are given a set of past year papers each session to be completed before the next session.
  • Past papers will be marked with comments and returned to the student during the following session.


Revision Topics and Dates:

SessionRevision TopicDateTime
• Sequences and series – Arithmetic, geometric, sigma notation, non-arithmetic and geometric sequences, modeling sequences
• Exponents and logarithms – Operations with log and exponents, solving equations
• Binomial theorem – Finding terms, general (n+1)th term, finding a, b or n.
03rd Feb 20181.00pm-3.00pm
2Functions and Equations 1
• Domain range, composite, identity, inverse
• Graphs of functions max, min, asymptotes, inverse, sketch using GDC, solving equations of graphs
• Graph transformations - translations, reflections, stretches, composite transformations
10th Feb 20181.00pm-3.00pm
3Functions and Equations 2
• Quadratic functions and transformations
• Reciprocal functions
• Exponential and logarithmic functions and transformations, growth, decay
• Applications of graphing skills
24th Feb 20181.00pm-3.00pm
4Circular functions and trigonometry - 1
• Circle, radian measure, arcs and sectors
• Solution of triangles - Sine rule, cosine rule area of a triangle, bearings, angles of elevation and depression
• Unit circle, definitions of sine, cosine and tan, Common trig ratios
• Trigonometric Identities
• Solving trigonometric equations
03rd March 20181.00pm-3.00pm
5Circular functions and trigonometry - 2 / Vectors -1
• Circular functions (sine and cosine), transformations and applications
• Vectors in 2D and 3D, vector algebra, magnitude, unit vectors, distance between two points
• Scalar Product, perpendicular and parallel vectors, angle between two vectors
10th March 20181.00pm-3.00pm
6Vectors - 2
• Vector equation of a line in 2D and 3D, angle between two lines
• Distinguishing if two vectors are parallel, coincident or skew, point of intersection of two lines
• Applications of vectors - displacement, velocity and speed
17th March 20181.00pm-3.00pm
7Statistics and Probability -1
• Data representation for continuous and discrete data -histograms, box and whisker plots. population, sample
• Statistical measures of central tendency - mean, median, mode, quartiles. Effect of changes to original data, applications
• Cumulative frequency and its graphs, median, quartiles and percentiles
• Linear correlation and bivariate data, r value, line of best fit, Equation of the regression line use of GDC
24th March 20181.00pm-3.00pm
8Statistics and Probability -2
• Probability of events- trails, outcomes. Venn diagram and tree diagrams
• Combined events, mutually exclusive events, conditional probability, Independent events, probability laws
• Discrete random variables, expected value
31st March 20181.00pm-3.00pm
9Statistics and Probability -3
• Binomial distribution, mean and variance of a binomial distribution
• Normal distribution curves, standardised normal variables (z distribution)
• Mixed statistics and probability problems
7th April 20181.00pm-3.00pm
10Calculus - 1
• Limits and convergence, derivation from first principles, gradients and tangents
• Derivatives of xn, sin(nx), cos(nx), tan(nx), enx and ln(nx). Chain rule, product rule, quotient rule, second derivative, higher derivatives
• Graphs - maximums, minimums, points of inflexion, relationship between derivatives, optimisation applications
14th April 20181.00pm-3.00pm
11Calculus - 2
• Indefinite integration, indefinite integrals, integration by inspection or substitution
• Anti-diffentiation with boundary conditions, definite integrals
• Area under the curves, use of GDC
21st April 20181.00pm-3.00pm
12Calculus - 3
• Volumes of revolution, use of GDC
• Kinematics problems, total distance travelled
• Mixed integration and differentiation problems
28th April 20181.00pm-3.00pm

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